Do you want to work on your SWOP vacancies yourself?

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What is SWOP Recruiter?

With SWOP Recruiter you can closely monitor all your company’s vacancies on SWOP and take action yourself.

You can adapt and personalise the vacancies , chat directly with the candidates and track the status of every candidate via an easy overview.

Need help? No problem!
Using a low-cost credit system, our SWOP Team of professional recruiters can help screen candidates.

Register now and claim your business

Create your business account and start working on your vacancies on SWOP.

Publish your own vacancies

Create a vacancy and personalise it in your own branding.

Chat live and follow up your applicants yourself

Find the perfect match for your vacancies in SWOP.

Pre-screening by the SWOP Team

Need help? Our experienced SWOP recruiters will help you find the right candidate.

Whom is SWOP Recruiter for?

SWOP Recruiter is primarily aimed at small and medium-sized companies that post their vacancies online but do not have their own ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to track vacancies.

Via the desktop, SWOP Recruiter provides a convenient and easy overview of all your company’s open vacancies in the SWOP app.

Why SWOP Recruiter?

You can start working on your open SWOP vacancies yourself, and the SWOP Team is on hand to support you in your search for the right talent.

Pre-screening option

The SWOP Team will pre-screen and get to know the candidates you choose for you.

Who am I?

Curious about certain skills? With an online personality test, you will discover much more about the candidate.

What do I want?

Does the candidate fit with your corporate culture? An online test will tell you quickly.

How does it work?

SWOP Recruiter is reserved for recruiters with open vacancies on SWOP.

Personalise online vacancies on SWOP in your own branding

Upgrade an online vacancy in SWOP by adding your company logo and colours. Adapt the vacancy text yourself and/or add info. Create new vacancies and post them yourself on SWOP.

Manage your own candidate funnel and vacancies

Track your open vacancies and applicants yourself via a visual and easy-to-use overview.

View your candidate profiles

You will receive access to the profile and CV of the candidates who have responded positively to your vacancy.

Chat directly with your candidates or make an appointment

Follow up your applicants yourself and find the perfect match for your open vacancy.

Add feedback during the recruitment process or share it with your internal staff

Register your feedback and share it with internal staff.

Pre-screening by the SWOP Team

At your request, our SWOP Team will get to work and perform an initial screening of your candidates of choice, based on your input. The ‘Who am I’ and ‘What do I want’ tests can also give you extra insight into the candidates.

Is SWOP Recruiter free of charge??

Yes! The many basic functionalities of SWOP and SWOP Recruiter are and will remain free of charge!
There is also the option to purchase low-cost credits that can be used to order pre-screening from the SWOP Team.
For a fee, you can also request and view a ‘What do I want’ test.


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