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Faq for the candidate

How do I use SWOP?

Download the SWOP app from the Play Store or the App Store and register free of charged with your name and e-mail address. State which job you aspire to and where you want to do it. Based on your choices, you will be shown numerous vacancies.

Which vacancies are shown?

Through our online job search, SWOP brings together all published job vacancies in Belgium on one job platform. Based on your preference and the location/distance you enter, you will be shown all vacancies that meet your requirements. Easy, right?

What does the SWOP Recruiter do?

Guides you as you search! Our SWOP Recruiter will contact you within 48 hours and listen to what your wishes and needs are. In addition, this person is also your point of contact should you have any questions or difficulties with the app.

The company to which you applied can also call on the help of our SWOP Recruiters, if required.
Our team consists of specialists in retail, sales, marketing, administration, logistics, IT, engineering, construction and employment profiles. In addition, all SWOP Recruiters have more than 3 years of experience in recruiting and hiring. So you will always be assisted by a specialist in the field.

You see a nice vacancy! Now what?

Do you see a nice vacancy you would like to apply for? Then simply ‘swipe’ your finger to the right on the screen to apply. A heart appears, your application has been sent! Our SWOP team will contact you within 48 hours. Promise!

What happens to my data?

SWOP only uses your data when you yourself apply for a certain job. In this case, we will send an e-mail to the company in question with your surname, first name, telephone number and e-mail address. The company will then have enough information to contact you.

What is a corporate culture test?

Together with the University of Ghent, we have set up a corporate culture test (What do I want?) that you can fill in without obligation when you register in one of our apps. You can state which corporate culture suits you best by means of a list of questions: what do I expect from an employer, the atmosphere at the company… Very interesting for a new employer to get to know you better and to assess whether your profile would be a good match for them. You are not obliged to complete this test, but if you respond positively to a vacancy, the company may ask you to complete the test. The test takes only a few minutes to complete.

For the employer - concerning SWOP Recruiter

Is SWOP Recruiter free of charge?

Yes, the basic functionality is and remains free. You can register your company for free and use most of the functionalities of the platform, such as creating and managing job vacancies, personalising them with your company logo, keeping an overview of the applicants and being able to chat easily with your applicants… There is the opportunity to buy credits that can be used to order a pre-screening. For a fee, you can also request and view a ‘What do I want’ test

What is pre-screening?

Only available after registering on SWOP Recruiter. In a pre-screening, one of our professional SWOP recruiters will get to work for you and conduct an initial interview with the applicant. This discussion will take place digitally based on the questions and input the SWOP team has received from you. After the interview, you will receive all the feedback you need to continue on your own. You pay 1 credit (worth €100) for a pre-screening.
Our team consists of specialists in Retail, Sales, Marketing, Administration, Logistics, IT, Engineering, Construction and Employment Profiles. A pre-screening is therefore always done by a specialist in the field. In addition, all SWOP recruiters have more than 3 years of experience in recruitment and hiring.

How can I consult the results of the tests?

You can do this after registering your company on SWOP Recruiter. If the applicant has already completed the tests, you can have a look at them.

  • Who am I? Test = free inspection

  • What do I want? Test = €50 per test inspection via direct billing

If not yet completed, you can ask the applicant you want if he/she is willing to take the test via the chat function in SWOP Recruiter.

How can I get credits?

After registering your company on SWOP Recruiter, you will be able to buy credits per set of 5 (value €500). With 1 credit you can have 1 pre-screening.

Where can I register for SWOP Recruiter?

In order to register, please enter your company details including VAT number. SWOP Recruiter’s platform works only via desktop. You can register here.

What are the advantages of SWOP Recruiter?

Register and start working with your vacancies in SWOP. After registration on SWOP Recruiter, you will get free access to all the basic functionalities on the platform.
You can adjust existing vacancies easily, personalise them with the company logo and colour and you can create and post new vacancies yourself. Vacancies that have already been filled you can take offline yourself.
In addition, you get an easy-to-use visual overview of all your vacancies and you can adjust the status yourself depending on the progress of the application process (e.g. Applicant A comes to the 1st interview, Samira is given a salary proposal, Jens was not kept on, etc.)

There is a chat function that allows you to have direct contact with each applicant.
You can go one step further by asking for a corporate culture test (What do I want? Test) and requesting a pre-screening with the SWOP team. Both options are available at a favourable rate and will help you get to know the applicants you want better with feedback and support from the SWOP team.

What tests do we offer?

Together with the University of Ghent, we have developed two tests: a personality test (Who am I?) based on the BIG 5 and a corporate culture test (What do I want?) that gauges the environment and corporate culture in which the applicant feels happiest. Applicants can take these tests without obligation through our SWOP app. These tests are an added value for both applicants and companies.

Whom is SWOP Recruiter for?

SWOP Recruiter is aimed at all companies that want to generate more inflow and visibility. This is done by managing your own vacancies on our platform free of charge. In addition, SWOP Recruiter offers the opportunity to act as an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) for managing your pool of applicants. Chatting with applicants has never been easier. If you wish, you can have a pre-screening carried out by our SWOP Team or purchase tests.

Do I have to pay when I want to hire an applicant?

No. SWOP Recruiter is a free application. Only if you want a pre-screening without obligation or want to see the results of a What do I want? test is payment required. All other functionalities are free of charge and run according to your initiative and actions.

For the employer - concerning SWOP.

How does my vacancy appear on SWOP?

With our online job search, SWOP brings together all published job vacancies in Belgium on one job platform, including those published by your company.

What are the advantages of SWOP for me as an employer?

Numerous advantages! On the one hand, your vacancy will get more coverage and you will therefore get more direct inflow. And this without your having to pay extra attention or money. On the other hand, you can work with your vacancies in SWOP yourself via SWOP Recruiter: adjust existing vacancies, personalise them or create new ones yourself, all this together with a handy overview in which you can follow up the vacancies, chat directly to applicants and much more!

Can I receive the inflow at a different e-mail address than the one that is currently being picked up?

You can do this by registering your company on SWOP Recruiter and entering the correct e-mail address.

Why is there no CV attached to the application?

SWOP is a job app that focuses on intuitive applications. Hence, applicants can apply easily and quickly with a simple swipe to the right. Attaching a CV is a voluntary option that we will soon make available in SWOP. However, if you wish to receive CVs from the applicants now, register your company on SWOP Recruiter and ask the applicants to send their CVs via the direct chat function.

I do not want my vacancies to be shown on SWOP.

Are you sure? We cannot force you to do so, of course, but we would remind you of the advantages:

  • More reach for your vacancy

  • More direct inflow

  • No additional administration

  • Completely free of charge

As far as we are concerned, this is a win-win situation. Not convinced yet? Let us know via the contact form

Why doesn't my vacancy appear in SWOP?

Unfortunately, our job searcher does not yet manage to find and pick up all online vacancies. We are working on improving this. If you still wish to make use of SWOP, you can always get involved in the platform as a company via the SWOP Recruiter application. Register and start working with your vacancies in SWOP.

How do I get inflow?

As soon as the applicant enters a search query that matches your vacancy, it will appear on the applicant’s results list. If the applicant applies for your vacancy, you will receive an e-mail with the contact details of this person. You can do the follow-up all by yourself. If you would like help and support from our professional SWOP Recruiters, register on SWOP Recruiter and let us help you.

Can applications in SWOP be linked to the company’s existing ATS/recruitment platform?

Unfortunately, not yet. However, if you bring this to our attention, our SWOP team will inform the applicant on the initial contact. This automatic inclusion is not (yet) possible.

What about the follow-up to the application?

When an applicant applies, you will be informed by e-mail. The intention is that you contact this applicant yourself as soon as possible. After application, the follow-up is done by you to begin with. Our SWOP Team also gets to work and contacts the applicant within 48 hours to check on the status of the application. Would you like support and help in your search for the right applicant? Register your company here at SWOP Recruiter for numerous benefits and let our professional recruiters assist you.