SWOP: swipe and find your first job in 1-2-3

Graduated: check! Cool holiday with friends: check! Finding a job: no check? No worries. With SWOP you will find the perfect job in 1-2-3 and swipe your way to your first employer, simple and fast. 

You’ve got your degree in the bag? Congratulations. First a well-earned holiday and then… the job search starts. But what would you like to do? What kind of job suits you? In what environment would you thrive? And how to find such a company? 

SWOP: all vacancies in a single smart app

All freshly graduated jobseekers face similar questions. That is why the Belgian House of HR – the parent company of i.a. Accent Jobs – decided to develop a smart app, a motorway that connects applicants and their prospective employers. SWOP contains scores of open online vacancies in Belgium. A single click on your smartphone unlocks a world of opportunity. Filtering on job content and location is easy and you’ll swipe your way to the perfect job in no time.

SWOP: off to work in 1-2-3

How to get started with SWOP? It’s child’s play! Follow these three simple steps and start applying.

  • Register your email address Download the app on your smartphone, register quickly and free of charge with your email address, fill in your personal details and choose the nature and location of your first job. The smart SWOP app will immediately show you all jobs for which you are eligible.
  • Create your CV in 1-2-3. Poring over your CV with every application? No need. Use SWOP to create your CV easily, quickly and in one go with our ‘CV Creator’. This way all employers can see at a glance who you are, what you have to offer and how they can get in touch with you.
  • Test yourself and where you would like to work. Busy bee, a stickler for details or a creative soul? The SWOP personality test immediately tells you where your strengths lie. Also want to take the company test? Discover in what type of business you would feel like a fish in water. Both tests were developed in collaboration with UGent university so you can rest assured that the results give an accurate picture of yourself and the type of position you are most suited for.   

Swipe and find your employer

SWOP is straight up and no fuss. Scrolling through the search results is super easy. Swipe to the left if a search result is not your thing and swipe to the right if you want to apply for a position directly. 

Interested in a specific vacancy? Swipe to the right and submit your application! We will immediately inform your prospective employer. In other words, your application is guaranteed to be noticed. If the company is already using our recruiting application SWOP Recruiter then you can even start a direct chat session. How about that for practical?

Whatever happens, the SWOT team will contact you inside 48 hours to get you started. That’s right: inside 48 hours and that’s a promise!

SWOP on holiday

Thanks to SWOP applying has never been simpler or more direct. So why wait till after summer? Take your smartphone along on holiday and swipe your way to that rad job over breakfast. What better place to celebrate a new job than with your friends on a sun-drenched beach? 

Download SWOP now and discover the easiest and fastest way to a job! Whatever the outcome, we guarantee our SWOP team will be in touch inside 48 hours and that’s a promise!