Your network is worth money!

What is SWOP Networker?

Have you seen a vacancy that you think might be the perfect job for your friend, brother or sister or even your neighbor?
Forward it via the app, and you will receive the stated amount in your bank account when your contact starts the job.

It’s good to share!

Found a job that is the perfect fit for someone in your circle of friends? It’s good to share!

With just a few clicks you can forward the vacancy to your network via WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, LinkedIn, e-mail and so on.

Anyone applied?

Yes, someone has applied via the link you shared. Will it be a match made in heaven? Fingers crossed...

It’s a match!

The person you had in mind for this job can start, hooray! After a short induction period (depending on the type of job) you will be paid the Networker Fee (mentioned in the vacancy)!


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