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A more effective recruitment process with SWOP multiposter

Make your recruitment process a whole lot easier and more effective with our multiposter. Post your jobs on different job boards with a single click, reaching a large number of professionals.

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Make your vacancy management more efficient

Our comprehensive vacancy wizard means you don’t have to enter different information on different job boards each time. It requests all the information needed to post your jobs effortlessly on various platforms.

Don't waste time

Our multiposter allows you to post your vacancies quickly and efficiently on multiple channels. So that you don’t waste precious time negotiating with different job boards and can focus on recruitment tasks that really matter.

Recommended job boards

You don’t need to worry about missing the best channels to reach the right professionals. Our smart technology suggests recommended job boards based on the specifications of your vacancy.

Work in a cost-efficient way

Our multiposter not only saves you time negotiating, but also enables you to benefit from our competitive rates. You pay using a convenient online payment system.

What do others think?

Thanks to SWOP Recruiter, we have gained access to recruitment expertise and useful tools that save time. For example, it is convenient to get your vacancies on SWOP for free with one click where they can be found by a large number of professionals, or being able to post on the best job boards via the multiposter tool. Furthermore, being able to view applicants’ various tests is also an added value. After all, this gives you more objective insights into the professional you are meeting. In addition, I am curious about the latest feature: Connect, which allows you as a company to be in control and search in a valuable network of professionals for free!”

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Swop is a user-friendly tool in which you can easily get an overview of ongoing recruitment.” It gives a clear view of the stage of recruitment a candidate is currently at and using it is very simple. So it’s easy for a good follow-up!”

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The direct link between professional and employer

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