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We have worked with Ghent University to develop three tests: the ‘Who am I’, the ‘What Do I Want’ and the ‘My Brain’. These tests give you a better picture of the professional, making for smarter decisions in your recruitment process. The results of these tests can be viewed free of charge.

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Personality test

A individual’s personality has a big impact on their job search and recruitment. In fact, that personality affects how a person behaves in certain environments and situations. The test, developed in collaboration with Ghent University, is based on the Big Five.

Corporate culture test

We know intuitively that when people fit in well with their environment they feel better, happier and more motivated. We assume that people feel more engaged with other people who share similar interests and integrate more quickly into groups that share the same values. Of course, it is not surprising that this view is also true in business.

Reasoning test

Research has shown that people differ in their ability to reason about daily life or what is important in their job. This is important in all jobs, as it relates to seeing connections and solutions to easy and difficult problems. These reasoning skills are about how fluently a person thinks, and are not strongly influenced by education or knowledge.

Work in a cost-efficient way

Our multiposter not only saves you time negotiating, but also enables you to benefit from our competitive rates. You pay using a convenient online payment system.

What do others think?

Thanks to SWOP Recruiter, we have gained access to recruitment expertise and useful tools that save time. For example, it is convenient to get your vacancies on SWOP for free with one click where they can be found by a large number of professionals, or being able to post on the best job boards via the multiposter tool. Furthermore, being able to view applicants’ various tests is also an added value. After all, this gives you more objective insights into the professional you are meeting. In addition, I am curious about the latest feature: Connect, which allows you as a company to be in control and search in a valuable network of professionals for free!”

Swop is a user-friendly tool in which you can easily get an overview of ongoing recruitment.” It gives a clear view of the stage of recruitment a candidate is currently at and using it is very simple. So it’s easy for a good follow-up!”

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